Brilliant Thallium Gold


A potassium channel assay, and so much more. Brilliant Thallium Gold includes Thallos Gold – ION’s gold fluorescent (Ex/Em = 528/552 nm) thallium (Tl+) indicator. Red-shifted excitation and emission enable multiplexing with GFP-expressing cells or other green fluorescent indicators. Useful for fluorescence-based potassium (K+) channel assays and for studying a wide variety of monovalent cation channels (sodium channels), transporters, and GPCRs.



530 nm


550 nm


826 g/mol

Compatible instruments:

Fluorescence Microscope

HTS Instrument

Product code: 11020-10

product description

ION Biosciences Brilliant Thallium Gold Assay kit is a total assay solution for multi-well plate-based, high-throughput measurements of Tl+ flux through K+, Na+, non-selective cation channels, and some Na+ or K+ transporters. The kit includes our proprietary Thallos Gold indicator (Ex/Em: 530/546 nm), which is responsive to intracellular Tl+ dynamics. Thallos Gold’s spectral properties allow for multiplexing with GFP-expressing cells or other green-fluorescent indicators, and will help mitigate false positives caused by auto-fluorescent compounds within a library. The ION Biosciences Brilliant Thallium Gold Assay is also useful for a wide range of effectors of ion channels and transporters including G protein-coupled receptors, lipid kinases and protein kinases.

In multi-well, plate-based formats, the Brilliant Thallium Gold Assay can be used to discover and characterize the effects of many tens-of-thousands of compounds and environmental factors on effectors of Tl+ flux. ION Brilliant Thallium Gold Flex provides all the reagents necessary for use as a washed or no-wash assay with adherent or non-adherent cells. The optional use of a probenecid solution and an extracellular background masking solution offers the ultimate in compatibility for cells types which are difficult to load with fluorescent Tl+ indicators (e.g. Chinese Hamster Ovary, CHO cells) and when performing assays in complete, serum-containing cell culture medium is desired.