About Us

ION Biosciences is focused on producing a new generation of enhanced fluorescent indicators and assays. We work directly with customers to provide pure, high quality products that deliver better research results.

About ION

ION Biosciences is a reagent and assay technologies company headquartered in San Marcos, TX. We specialize in pioneering new approaches to ion channel and ion transporter-focused basic and translational research. ION provides reagents, assays, and assay development services.

ION’s Mission

We know that your research is important, because at ION we are scientists too. We strive to develop meaningful solutions to the problems that stand in the way of your research goals. We start by putting the highest quality products in your hands, work hard to create truly useful and innovative solutions, and apply all our expertise to help support and ensure your success.

ION’s Values

We at ION value the important work that you do. We value collaboration – we believe that together we are more effective at overcoming the most daunting research challenges. We value trust and integrity – the bedrock of successful collaboration. We value inclusion – we reject social, racial and religious intolerance. We value innovation – a key to creating a better future. We value stewardship of the environment – we practice recycling, waste reduction, and utilize green processes whenever possible.