IPG-1 AM is a yellow-green fluorescent, potassium indicator. Membrane-permeable. Lower potassium affinity than IPG-2 and IPG-4. Tailored to measure changes in potassium in environments with high potassium concentrations. 

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525 nm 


545 nm 


50 mM



Synonyms: ION Potassium Green – 1, Asante Potassium Green – 1, APG-1
Product code: 10 x 50ug: 3041F/ 500ug: 3041C

product description

IPG-1 AM (Ion potassium green - 1), a fluorescent potassium indicator for intracellular applications banner

ION Potassium Green – 1 (IPG-1) is the best in class yellow-green fluorescent, intracellular potassium (K⁺) indicator for measuring changes at most intracellular K⁺ concentrations. IPG-1 has Ex/Em: 525 nm/545 nm and a high-sensitivity to detect small changes in K⁺ concentration. IPG-1 has a lower affinity (Kd = 50 mM) than IPG-2 (Kd = 18 mM) or IPG-4 (Kd = 7 mM)

IPG-1 (Ion potassium green - 1), a potassium indicator, excitation and emission spectra

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Kinetic fluorescence of IPG-1 AM loaded cells after the addition of ouabain, a sodium-potassium pump inhibitor, shows a decrease in fluorescence relative to a vehicle control
Fluorescence data of IPG-1 potassium indicator response to potassium at different concentrations and a saturation binding curve.

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