ING-2 AM is a yellow-green fluorescent, sodium indicator. Membrane-permeable. Higher sodium affinity than ING-1. Suitable for high throughput screening of sodium channels and transporters.


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525 nm


545 nm


20 mM


1084 g/mol



Synonyms: ION Natrium Green – 2, Asante Natrium Green – 2 (ANG-2)
Product code: 10 x 50ug: 2011F / 500mg: 2011C


product description

ING-2 AM (Ion natrium green - 2), a fluorescent sodium indicator, general features banner

ION Natrium Green – 2 (ING-2) is a yellow-green fluorescent, intracellular sodium (Na⁺) indicator with improved cellular loading and significantly higher brightness than SBFI. Its spectral properties (Ex/Em: 525 nm/545 nm) and large dynamic range make ING-2 the best Na⁺ indicator for high-throughput screening applications targeting Na⁺ channels, and non-selective monovalent cation channels. ING-2 has a more physiologically relevant affinity (Kd = 20 mM) than ING-1 (Kd = 92 mM). Also compatible with fluorescence microscopy using common fluorescein, GFP or more ideally YFP filters.

Fluorescence emission data of ING-2 binding to sodium ion (Na+) at different concentrations, and a sodium binding curve.

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Dose response curve and fluorescence images of ouabain treated cells loaded with ING-2. Ouabain inhibits the sodium potassium pump (Na/K-ATPase).

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Ouabain concentration response curve acquired using ING-2 AM, showing inhibition of the sodium-potassium pump (Na/K-ATPase).
Plotted change in fluorescence of ING-2 in response to sodium concentration
Measuring sodium channel activity using the sodium indicator, ING-2 AM. Inactivation of Nav1.3, a voltage gated sodium channel, is blocked by veratridine, resulting in an increase in cellular fluorescence.

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