ICR-1 K⁺ Salt


Red fluorescent, calcium (Ca²⁺) indicator, membrane impermeable. Optimal for multiplexing and tissue imaging. Fluorescence lifetime and multiphoton compatible.

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1) ICR-1

2) Applications in Neurons and Astrocytes

3) Applications in Stem Cell Cardiomyocytes

4) Applications in Regular Cells as Exemplified by CHO-K1 and HEK-293 Cells




580 nm 


660 nm 


480 nM





Filter set:

Texas Red
Synonyms: ION Calcium Red – 1
Product code: 10 x 50ug: 1092F/ 500ug: 1092C

product description

ION Calcium Red – 1 (ICR-1) K⁺ salt banner
ION Calcium Red – 1 (ICR-1) is a red fluorescent (Ex/Em 580nm/660nm) calcium (Ca²⁺) indicator for intracellular Ca²⁺ measurements. ICR-1’s long-wavelength emission and a large Stokes shift reduces contributions of autofluorescence, making ICR-1 AM optimal for cellular and tissue imaging applications. ICR-1 can also be multiplexed with GFP-labeled cells or other green fluorophores commonly used in experiments. Unlike some other red fluorescent Ca²⁺ indicators, ICR-1 does not accumulate in the mitochondria. Data supporting fluorescence lifetime imaging and multiphoton imaging capabilities have also been demonstrated.

ICR-1 K⁺ salt is a membrane impermeable form of ICR-1 that can be used in lipid membrane-free systems, in liposomes, or can be introduced into cells by electroporation, microinjection or other methods.