Fluo-4 AM Ultrapure (>98%)


Fluo-4 AM Ultrapure is our highest purity (>98%) grade available. Fluo-4 Ultrapure is the same green fluorescent, calcium indicator you’ve trusted for decades, with minimal impurities to give you maximum confidence. Membrane-permeable. The most popular solution for high-throughput calcium flux assays and GPCR assays

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490 nm


515 nm


355 nM


1097 g/mol





Product code: 3 x 50ug: 1043G/10 x 50ug: 1043F/500ug: 1043C

product description

Fluo-4 AM calcium indicator features banner

Fluo-4 AM is the most popular green fluorescent, intracellular calcium indicator, and now it’s available at the highest purity grade (>98%) as Fluo-4 AM Ultrapure. Proven and trusted for decades to measure intracellular calcium flux in high throughput screening and fluorescence microscopy applications.

GPCR assay, purinergic receptor, kinetic fluorescence profile of calcium mobilization upon stimulation with ATP
Fluorescence images of Fluo-4 stained cells before and after the addition of ionomycin

Fluorescence images of Fluo-4 AM stained cells before (-) and after (+) the addition of ionomycin, a calcium ionophore. Cellular fluorescence increases because of the influx of calcium.


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