Brilliant Thallium Snapshot


An endpoint-compatible potassium channel assay. ION’s Brilliant Thallium Snapshot kit is a thallium flux assay adaptation designed to work with standard plate readers, microscopes, flow cytometers, and more, for measuring flux through potassium (K⁺), sodium (Na⁺), and non-selective cation channels, transporters, and their effectors, including GPCRs.

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Compatible instruments:

Fluorescence Microscope

Plate Reader

Flow Cytometer

HCS Instrument

HTS Instrument

Product code: 11011-10

product description

Our patent-pending Snapshot assay format generates a long-lasting signal so you can easily detect and quantify changes in ion channel or transporter activity on most fluorescence-capable instruments. So whether you have a FLIPR, a fluorescence microscope, a standard fluorescence plate reader, a high-content imager, or a flow cytometer – you can run functional screens on viable cells using thallium flux – enabling a whole new world of possibilities.

Brilliant Thallium Snapshot simultaneously loads cells with thallium and Thallos AM, ION’s Tl-sensitive indicator, prior to adding an agonist/antagonist. The addition of an effector compound causes a change in fluorescence, due to Tl efflux or influx, that is sustained for up to 1 hr, depending on your target of interest. Brilliant Thallium Snapshot has effectively identified agonists and/or antagonists of voltage-gated potassium (hERG) and sodium (NaV) channels, inward rectifying potassium channels (GIRK1/2), and potassium and sodium transporters (Na/K-ATPase) using a variety of instruments.

ION Biosciences’ Brilliant Thallium (Tl⁺) Snapshot Assay is a total assay solution for multi-well plate-based, high-throughput measurements of Tl⁺ flux through K⁺, Na⁺, non-selective cation channels, and some Na⁺ or K⁺ transporters. The ION Biosciences’ Brilliant Thallium Snapshot Assay is also useful for a wide range of effectors of ion channels and transporters including G protein-coupled receptors. In multi-well, plate-based formats, the Brilliant Thallium Snapshot Assay can be used to discover and characterize the effects of tens to many tens-of-thousands of compounds and environmental factors on effectors of Tl⁺ flux. Over the past 15 years, fluorescence-based measures of Tl⁺ flux have brought about the discovery of small-molecule modulators of a host of ion channels, transporters, GPCRs, and other targets of interest for both drug discovery and basic research.