ION VITAL – Viability Kit


Two-color, fluorescence-based assay to discriminate between live and dead cells

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Live 495 nm   Dead 528 nm 


Live 515 nm   Dead 617 nm 

Product code: 5000

product description

Cell viability kit to detect live and dead cells, description and packaging

ION Vital – Viability kit can be used to quantify live and dead cells within eukaryotic cell suspensions or adherent cultures, 3D cultures, organoids, and some non-fixed tissues. Cannot be used for yeast or bacteria. When following our protocol, ION Vital—Viability kit provides enough reagents to make 150 mL of working solution, enough for fifteen 96-well plates or 1,500 flow cytometry samples. The actual number of assays will vary according to optimal dye concentrations for your application.

Cell viability kit sample data including a fluorescence image showing calcein positive (viable cells) in green and ethidium homodimer positive (dead cells) in red. Corresponding viability data versus staurosporine concentration acquired using a plate reader.